Pyha Finland is amazing! We just finished a training camp there and it was one of my favourites for sure! The sun comes out at 10am, we would usually have been on snow for an hour by then and got to watch the sunrise from the chair lift and ride down under the bright orange sky; then again at 2:00pm when it sets. Luckily the short days didn’t cut down our training time, in the evenings we would go out in the dark and train with the ski hill lights. 

On a clear night we decided to hike out past the light pollution of the ski hill and try to find the Northern Lignts! After only about twenty minutes we started to see some faint green streaks in the sky. We wandered a bit further and admired the light moving colour, then just before we decided to head back in the sky came to life! Right above us it looked like a green oil spill was dancing just out of reach. It swiftly moved accoss the sky in swirls and streaks with small shades of pink popping in and out. It was honestly one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. 

On top of getting in some amazing training and getting to experience the Northern Lights I got to try my hand at ice karting. It did unfortunately crush the vision I had of being a bad ass drifter. Nonetheless I had a blast spinning out in circles like I hit a banana peel in Mario Cart. 

Thanks Finland for the amazing experience! My only regret is not buying enough of your famous black liquorice!